What’s happening with the Transamerica Pyramid?

Kevin Markarian

Kevin Markarian

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If you love architecture like we do, you may have noticed something peculiar happening with the Transamerica Pyramid recently, certain panels from the iconic building have been disappearing and then reappearing at irregular intervals.

Is this a “secret code” or something that San Francisco residents should be concerned about? Thankfully we now know that the Transamerica Pyramid is undergoing maintenance that occurs once every 10 years, and this maintenance includes cleaning then caulking, all of the precast panels on the building.

18,000 Work Hours

The entire maintenance process on the Transamerica building is labor intensive and can take up to 18,000 hours of work in order for this iconic building to retain its pristine look all year long. What most residents don’t know is that they last completed maintenance on the building back in 2007, and maintenance on the Transamerica building is an important job since the building is now over 40 years old and still continues to be a great part of our skyline.

About The Transamerica Pyramid

Since it was completed in the 1970’s, the Transamerica Pyramid has been one of the most well-known buildings in the San Francisco area, and although it no longer is the headquarters of the Transamerica corporation, the building continues to be an iconic building for corporations to have their San Francisco offices and for tourists to visit when they come to San Francisco.

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