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“Greg is an A++ agent! As a Mortgage Lender for the past 12 years I have come across hundreds and hundreds of agents but very few that hold themselves to the same service level that Greg does with all of his clients! I look forward to closing another transaction with Greg always and highly recommend him as an agent to all!!! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. I would be happy to explain details to you over the phone or email!”
Michael K.
“Kevin Markarian is an exceptional agent that goes above and beyond what is required of a real estate agent. Kevin handled the sale of my home in San Francisco’s Nopa neighborhood and provided instant results. Within hours of listing my home at the advised price we received multiple inquiries and subsequent showings culminated in the days ahead. Shortly afterward we were off the market and in contract with a perspective buyer who eventually closed and now owns the home. Kevin has a broad knowledge base of current real estate trends and is well equipped with the know how and tools to quickly and efficiently get the ball rolling and get your home sold. On another note aside from his superior ability in the home selling process, he is very well mannered and calm. His skill and demeanor are well beyond someone of his age and his character defines everything you would expect out of an individual placed with your trust to sell your home. I look forward to working with Kevin again!”
SF Trail
“Rebecca helped me with the purchase of my first home. She is so amazing and I couldn’t have done it without her. There are too many good things about her, so here are some highlights:She pays attention and quickly figured out what kind of home I was looking for. After reviewing my internet search results, she showed me many other properties — and each one was something I hadn’t uncovered in my own search, but very closely fit my preferences. The home I finally bought was also something she found and recommended.I never felt like I was being sold something – Rebecca was always honest about pros and cons, often reminded me “what’s most important to YOU?”, and didn’t skip a beat when she had already prepared an offer and I changed my mind at the last minute. She reassured me by saying that this was one of the most important decisions I’ll ever make, and it’s OK to back out if I didn’t think I was going to love it.She is responsible and always on top of her game. She’s very responsive on all channels — text/phone/email. When we’re in the middle of a text or email back and forth, she’ll text me when she’s going to be with another client — so they can have her full attention and I know exactly when to expect to hear back from her. She’s always following up at the right time, and keeping all relevant parties on the same page.Rebecca is also just a joy to be around. She’s laidback, cheerful and patient… I’d actually hang out with her (and we did, to celebrate!) She brought a thoughtful housewarming gift when we did the final walkthrough together, and I really appreciate that personal touch.Most importantly, Rebecca goes above and beyond. Everything went smoothly except for a few last-minute snags right before we closed because of an unconventional situation: I was buying with a brother who is studying in Canada and there were unexpected travel constraints that made it challenging for both buyers to be at the same place to sign at the same time. Our scheduled closing date was fast approaching, the title company was not responsive, and I was missing key information to help my brother and I make travel decisions before the weekend. Rebecca quickly stepped in — did her own research, helped me look at flights, made calls to other title companies to verify some of our questions, and even looped in our mortgage provider, who helped us research notary options. She was available throughout the weekend to answer my questions, and to reassure me when I started sounding really stressed out. With her help, we flew my brother out sign and close the deal in time. THANK YOU, Rebecca! I really can’t recommend her enough!”
Dian R.
“Working with Greg on our home search has been great. He listens to all of our concerns and is able to answer our questions quickly. He is attentive, available, trustworthy and not pushy! We have experienced pushy agents in the past, pressuring us to make uncomfortable offers and we are so grateful that we don’t get that with Greg. He really wants to find us the right place and we appreciate his guidance, knowledge, and patience!”
Kimberly G.
“I worked with Ray on the purchase of my first home in San Francisco and despite the very competitive market, he made the entire experience much more pleasant than I had expected. Ray is extremely professional and was able to address lots of concerns and questions I had as a first time home buyer and put my mind at ease with his knowledge of the local market. He did an incredible job for me helping me find the house I was looking for and I couldn’t be more happy with the choice I made when I decided to go with him as my real estate agent.If you are in the market to buy a house and looking for a top real estate agent, I would strongly recommend Ray Markarian.Thanks Ray!!!!”
Paolo M.
“Buying a home can be a long and stressful process but Greg made it as easy as possible for us. The current market in SF is a big challenge to buyers but Greg empowered us with all the information we needed to make a competitive offer.He is very knowledgeable and walked us through the process. His communication skills are superb which was the key to our successful bid. He did everything he could to connect with the listing agent and therefore our first bid came to the top of 13 other bids and we were able to smoothly close in 2 weeks despite financing!!!Greg is very likeable and trustworthy and is a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in buying or selling real estate in bay area.”
Ramin M.
“I was a first time, new home buyer and had some specific restrictions and requests when working with a real estate professional. I wanted someone who knew my preferred neighborhoods well, who could do a ton of legwork for me and narrow things down to those options that I would love and that I could afford in my preferred neighborhoods. I also wanted someone who was patient enough to answer ALL of my many many questions no matter how nit-picky, mundane, or complex. Kevin was my guy. I told him how I like to work, and about my preferences and neuroses. He was a true champ all the way through the end of my successful buying experience. He also helped me get all the information I needed and wanted in order to make a smart and successful offer! I had tried to purchase a home one year prior with someone else, and had a rough (and unsuccessful) go. I was even more adamant that I find someone really masterful and patient and I found him. Kevin spoke with me and asked the right questions to know what I was looking for and to find out what was most important to me given my budget constraints. Even in the rare instances he couldn’t accompany me to an open house, he helped make all the necessary arrangements so that I could view the place at a time that worked best for me. And when we found a place that I just loved, Kevin helped us schedule a second walk through just so my partner could see it in person. In the end, Kevin was as enthusiastic about our success as we were and brought us a super kind gift to celebrate our new home. If we do this again, I’m calling Kevin again to help us again. I give Kevin my highest recommendation.”
Seth Pardo
“Kevin is an excellent agent! My husband and I were looking for a place to buy in San Francisco and after months of looking, a friend recommended we contact Kevin. It was a great relation right from the first meeting. He is extremely professional, kind and has a great knowledge about the real estate market in San Francisco. He showed us multiple properties and we were amazed by his understanding of what we were looking for. He helped us find our dream home in SF but unfortunately, due to my husband’s job we had to relocate to another city before being able to buy our first home. I highly recommend Kevin to everyone. He would be the first person we’d contact if we move back to San Francisco and are looking to buy.”
“Being first time homebuyers, my husband and I went into the very competitive housing market with no clue on exactly what we wanted. After scouting out hundred of properties on Redfin and Zillow for three months we had no luck and were a little discouraged at finding a house by the end of the year. However, Ray started emailing my husband consistently and the two of them started to communicate regularly about how we should change our house search strategy and allow Ray to give us some much needed guidance. After meeting Ray in person, we knew he would perfect to help us find our dream house. He is very committed and responsive. He was very passionate in helping us and very knowledgable. He gave us his honest opinion every time, listing the pros and cons. And after a two month search with Ray, we were able to find and close the deal on a beautiful home in San Jose. Thank you so much for being so patient, smart, and committed to us in our long search for this house. We would not have been able to find and own a home by the end of this year if it wasn’t for Ray!”
Michelle H.
“Where to begin???? Andrea was AMAZING. New to SF, we were going nuts trying to find a place to own, and after too many lazy realtors, who just wanted to meet me at houses that I had to find myself, we found Andrea.She quickly educated me on the “real” price that I should look at, because of the crazy bidding wars going on around here and not waste any more time looking at houses at the top of my budget- that would end up selling WAY over my limited funds.She was so patient, wrote no less than 8 offers, complete with a personal letter and information about us.I was getting pretty discouraged after all the no’s we got, but she was undeterred. I should mention that at the level that we could buy, her commission was not going to be fantastic, but that didn’t seem to matter to her!I lost track of all the houses that she showed me…….and then a miracle happened and we got one! This house is better than I could have hoped for! But then the real work for her began….banks, title, etc she was right there till the keys were in our hands, and handing us a special bottle of Champagne.Thank you Andrea…….thank you thank you thank you!”
Amy Nielsen
“Kevin worked around the clock to make sure I found the home best for me and within my budget, then led a very complicated negotiation for a short sale purchase that closed very quickly. I will use Kevin again for my next purchase and regularly recommend him to friends and colleagues as the agent to work with.”
Yusef Freeman
“My partner and I recently purchased a home in the East Bay, and we were so blessed to have the most amazing team of real estate agents. Rebecca came to us after a traumatic experience we had with our first offer, which we had placed with another agent. He did not explain anything to us, did not prepare us for the purchase, went MIA on the offer date so we didn’t even know if he put it in (he did not, until we harassed other agents in his company), and then once he put the offer in, he had several glaring mistakes in the cover (like % down and days to close!!).A friend referred me to her agent Claire Chessen (also amazing), who had us work primarily with Rebecca because she was about to go on maternity leave. I was immediately so impressed with Rebecca’s professionalism, patience, thoroughness, and her ability to anticipate my questions and find information. Before even meeting her, we sent her a list of the properties we were interested in or had previously looked at, including those no longer on the market. She immediately contacted all of the listing agents for those properties, tried to find out how much they sold for, and gathered information about the places still on the market. She was so thorough with all of the research on the properties, and really knows the East Bay in and out. She also works in SF and knows it just as well, but my experience with her was in the East Bay, where we ultimately bought our place. Rebecca knows the areas block by block and can provide a really detailed assessment of what is good about a place, what may be the downside, and ultimately help you as the buyer decide if it is something you want. I never felt pressured to do anything, but when it was go-time, she was always ready to hit the ground running. Then when it was time to put in the offer, she went through the entire contract and disclosure packet with us, explained ALL of the provisions and pages, connected with listing agents, and was so great at making us feel prepared and well-informed.But almost as important as the process of getting an offer selected (which finally happened on our fourth try), is the escrow process that comes thereafter. Getting everything ready for your lender and ensuring that the loan comes through is more stressful than I could have ever imagined. Rebecca kept us updated constantly, and referred us to an amazing lender. The two of them worked really closely to get us to the end of a short close, on time, despite countless unexpected hurdles popping up almost every other day. A home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever do, and you do not want to work with just anyone. Rebecca is the strongest advocate who we could have hoped for, and this was essential to us finally crossing the finish line. We are so grateful to Rebecca every day as we enjoy our new home and neighborhood. She recently left her previous broker to join Marker Real Estate. If you are even just interested in buying a home, give her a call! You will be glad you did. :)”
Gening L.
“Greg was my agent for a condo purchase in SF earlier this year. His market knowledge was very helpful as I was a first time buyer in the area. His input was also invaluable in helping me formulate a winner bid.”
Tom C.
“I recently closed on a condo in San Francisco after working with Zahi Darwazeh. Zahi went above and beyond throughout the process, from search to closing. Zahi is very realistic. When I first contacted Zahi with the areas I was considering, he was very straightforward and honest about my chances of finding a property within my price point in those areas. He didn’t sugarcoat things, but he also wasn’t harsh or tactless. Zahi was also very communicative and responsive via email, phone, and text, especially when an offer was on the table. For example, when we received a counter-offer on a condo which was priced somewhat high, Zahi made himself available to talk about my options via both email and then a phone conversation shortly after the emails. Even when it became clear that the seller wouldn’t take my best-and-final offer, Zahi went to extra step to present data to the seller’s agent which showed recent comparable sales in the same complex that supported my offer price. This experience also made a great impression on me because it showed me that Zahi made every effort to negotiate and advocate for me. Throughout my home search, it was clear to me that not only has Zahi had extensive experience in the real estate business, but he also uses his past experiences to give sound advice and to teach his clients. I found that when I had questions or an unexpected hiccup during the home-buying process, Zahi would often use an experience with a previous client in order to better illustrate his point or support his advice. Additionally, he was both very precise in naming the market he was referencing and very professional about maintaining his previous clients’ confidentiality by not using any overly-revealing information. Moreover, Zahi always made it a point to give advice while also ensuring that I didn’t feel pressured to do something I was unsure of or uncomfortable with. Overall, I would highly recommend working with Zahi for his professionalism, knowledge, and above-and-beyond attitude!”
Robert C.
“There aren’t enough good things I can say about Kevin. I am often skeptical when I read a 5 star review. They tend to be vague and feel disingenuous, but in this scenario Kevin deserves every bit and more.My wife and I were casually browsing the SF market for our first home when we got lucky and found Kevin. We had met with 3-4 different brokers and didn’t feel a connection with any of them. We explained to him that we were taking our time and he made us very comfortable with his approach to the process and was not pressuring at all. He had the perfect balance letting us know he was there to help without being pushy. He would occasionally send us listings to look at while still letting us remain in the drivers seat in finding a place.Kevin was extremely responsive through the process and would text us or call us back to answer questions or talk about our thoughts on a certain property. I never felt like there was any time of day where he was unreachable and he made sure that we felt like we were his only clients. When we found the place we wanted to purchase, he went by to check it out on his own the day after we went and helped us think through the layout and pros/cons. He explained all the paperwork, the best approach to win the property, and helped us negotiate the best deal possible. He has a masterful understanding of the ins and outs of this business and I felt very comfortable and confident with him in control of our home buying process.On a completely separate and more personal note. Both my wife and Kevin have Armenian roots and my wife is not from California. During our first time meeting, my wife complained how she missed her favorite Armenian food, Lahmajoon (Armenian pizza). Kevin laughed and told us that his mother makes it and that he would have her make us some. We didn’t think much of it, but smiled and carried on our conversation. A month or two later we closed on our beautiful home and when we went to meet Kevin at the house to get the keys, he opened the fridge and inside was enough Lahmajoon to feed an army! Kevin goes the extra mile and his mothers Lahmajoon is delicious! I couldn’t believe that he remembered and it really put a smile on my wife’s face. It’s a testament to his integrity and the strength of his word.Kevin is an honest, caring, and skillful business man and I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase property in the Bay Area.”
Lapin S.
“Kevin was the only real estate agent who listened to us. He showed us properties that fit our budget, in the location we wanted, and with the features we wanted. This was our first house so we needed all the help we could get and Kevin was there to walk us through the process. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”
Kyle Wood
“Rebecca was great at helping my husband and I get our home of our dreams. We had to put a few bids in before ours was chosen but each time she was on top of the paperwork and great at communicating. Now we are in our new home and couldn’t be happier.”
Jessica O.
“Greg was my agent for my purchase of a house in Oakland. I was a first time home buyer so the whole process was new and everything seemed to move very quickly. Greg was great in helping me through the process with his knowledge of the market and was super responsiveness. Whenever I had a question or wanted an update, Greg would always get back to me quickly either by email, call, or even text. Once I found the house I wanted, Greg helped me put together a great offer that put me at the top of the list. Overall, Greg was easy to work with and extremely hard working and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an agent.”
Will J.
“Greg was my agent for a condo purchase in SF earlier this year. His market knowledge was very helpful as I was a first time buyer in the area. His input was also invaluable in helping me formulate a winner bid.”
Tom C.
“Greg helped me buy a home in SF recently, in a very tough market (sellers market). Greg worked hard for me and was always available to answer any questions I had during the closing process. He also did a lot of homework for me and really filtered the listings to ones that I would be inclined to pay attention to. Thus, the process of buying a home accelerated for me dramatically. Greg also established a strong bond with the seller’s agent resulting in a successful bidding process and a successful/smooth closing process. Overall, without a doubt, I would endorse his work!”
Sai M.
“My wife and I are first time home buyers and we went through our fair share of real estate agents along with declined offers. The agents we worked with just didn’t feel right until we met Kevin. He made the extraordinarily difficult San Francisco housing market as comfortable as possible with great knowledge of how to actually purchase a house in this city. We ALWAYS received quick replies to our compulsive questions/requests, and received assistance you would get from a trusted friend.When we found a house we loved, he was personally invested in our happiness and desire to start our family in this home. After our first early offer was declined, I think he was more disappointed for us than we were. The good news is that it was later accepted. I genuinely believe it was accepted because of the personal relationship he built with the selling agent.During the closing process he supported us in every way. This included meeting me at our new home to move an oven into our kitchen so that we would pass appraisal. I doubt most agents would do that for their client. In addition, we were nervous wrecks during the closing process and we were not always happy with the responsiveness of our loan agent or title company. During these times he called them to get us answers ASAP. In addition, he was available to us at all times of the day or night, including a few midnight text sessions.Overall I couldn’t recommend an agent more than Kevin Markarian. He was very professional during the process and treated us like family during the offer and closing experience. We felt that he was most interested in our needs as home buyers than anything else. If you are looking for an agent, it would be a mistake not give Kevin a call.”
“Ray is so amazing. very much on the ball. as a buyers agent on a transaction we worked on together, he was very attentative and made sure to stay close on schedule. he always called to verify contingencies were ready. I never had to worry working with him. He is very smart in what he does. I RECOMMEND HIM!!!”
Sarah T.
“We can’t imagine a Realtor being better than Ana. On 2 occasions she has sold our Cambridge homes in less than 3 days. She has also helped us find new homes in Cambridge multiple times, and we couldn’t be happier. Her knowledge of the entire buying selling process is extraordinary. Her negotiation skills are top notch. Her local knowledge of places to buy (and almost more importantly – where not to buy), have always put us in an excellent home that we love, and left us confident that we can sell again. She is very responsive and flexible, working above and beyond, to secure an agreement, finalize some legal documents or just to be available to talk. On top of all this, she clearly loves what she does, is always smiling, and is very professional. I would strongly recommend Ana to buy or sell your home!”
Sam Smith
“We worked with Kevin for about three months until we closed on a single-family home in Potrero Hill. We were pretty nervous about buying our first home in one of hottest markets in the country, but having Kevin at our side to give us advice and execute our negotiations helped relieve the stress.Kevin contacted us after we requested more information on a listing through an online real estate app. We first met him in person on a Sunday afternoon to look at a few properties so he could get an idea of what we were looking for as far as location, property type, and price range. After that, Kevin started reguarly sending us MLS links, and we went to a few more open houses together.Kevin is was very tuned in to the latest trends in the market, and how the market varies from one neighborhood to the next. Kevin explained that the trend he was seeing was for agents to list properties at a low asking price to generate multiple offers, and that cash offers with few or no contingencies were on the rise. We made our firstoffer on a house in Bernal Heights, and sure enough, there were multiple bids and the property ultimately sold for about 20% over asking.After making a losing offer on a second location, we became a little discouraged and slowed down our search. Kevin stayed in touch and continued to send us listings, but was never pushy. When it came time to bid on the location that is now our home, Kevin responded promptly to our call on a Sunday, and he had our offer submitted the next day. From there, things moved very fast, and Kevin was always quick to respond and on top of things. When we had problems contacting our original financier (the loan officer was on vacation and on one else at the office would get back to us) Kevin set us up with a couple of different loan officers whom he knew would be able to help on short notice.We will always remember Kevin because on the day we closed, he went above and beyond the call of duty to help us make it a very special day. It happened to be the 10th anniversary of the day my partner and I first met, and was the day I proposed marriage in a surprise that Kevin helped arrange!The bottom line is that Kevin knows the SF market, and he knows how to make an offer competitive. He works hard, gives good advice, and his easy-going and calm manner will help you stay a bit more relaxed in what can be a very stressful time.”
David Arthur Steele
“Kevin helped us find a rental property in Berkeley, he is the consumate professional and his patience with us in our search is to be commended. His acumen of the bay area market was impressive and he was able to find the perfect fit for our budget.”
“Kevin was extremely helpful in getting our building sold. His knowledge of the San Francisco residential income property market was excellent. His help in establishing the correct price and also in the negotiations was invaluable. The process went as expected with very few, if any, snags. I appreciated his professionalism and would highly recommend him to others.”
Mark Monasch
“I really enjoyed working with Kevin. Including our last transaction, this was the second time we have done business with Kevin. I feel that he is honest, upfront and strategic. He helped us bid on and win several offers in a very competitive market. He even suggested our current neighborhood which was not even on our radar because it was so tiny we didn’t know about it. I was impressed with how well he was able to hone in on our needs and deliver. His knowledge of the market conditions are spot on and if he suggests an offer price, it is very likely that the house will sell for around his estimate.”
Amber La
“Kevin is hardworking and responsive day and night. Kevin shows us more than 20 houses and gave us great advise on the home purchasing process. We ended up not buying due to our financial uncertainty but still would highly recommend Kevin as buyer’s agent.”
Xutao Deng
“Kevin Markarian is a quality agent and expert in the San Francisco Real Estate market (seller and buyer strategies and trends), and I highly recommend him. I looked unsuccessfully for four years for a home with five different agents in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley before my mortgage loan agent recommended Kevin. Kevin investigated all the houses we toured in advance to ensure they fit my search criteria, and were in the listed condition. Kevin never pressured me to considered houses that I did not feel good about or like. Kevin was genuinely interested in making sure I made the right decision based on my resources and capacity. Kevin also provided his contacts to respond to different aspects and questions regarding my purchase. These are invaluable contacts as a first time home buyer, and a buyer of a rental property. In short, I am very happy with my decision to close with Kevin, and I really appreciate Kevin’s patience.”
Kanya Dorland
“It is a pleasure working with Greg. He is very knowledgeable and it is clear he loves helping people find the perfect home. A great house came on the market while we were out of town. When we got back, Greg went above and beyond to put us in touch with a lender, secure financing over the weekend, and help us put together a very competitive offer. Although the offer wasn’t accepted we appreciate all his hard work and look forward to working with Greg again. His dedication shows and I know he will help us find the perfect place. I recommend Greg to anyone looking for property around the Bay.”
Steve G.
“Kevin has been an indispensable resource in our search for the perfect investment property. Equipped with both broad and esoteric knowledge of investment strategies and San Francisco, Kevin has deftly steered my family and me away from potential pitfalls and towards properties we truly love. He is very proactive, finding listings that fit within our choosy parameters, and is timely with paper work. Most commendable, Kevin has been extremely patient and honest, being candid while maintaining the utmost professionalism. I will continue to work with him in the future and I recommend his services to anyone without reservation.Oh, and he’s also a joy to work with.”
Nick Heibert
“I was in the market for an investment property in the San Francisco area and was referred to Kevin Markarian. He came highly recommended and definitely lived up to my expectations. Kevin truly understands the SF market and was able to show me a ton of great properties based on my needs. He is very knowledgable and patient, which is exactly what I was looking for in a realtor. He was also very prompt in responding to my emails when I had any questions. We ended up finding the perfect spot thanks to Kevin. So if you’re in the market and in need of a realtor, definitely give him a call.”
David Alnajar
“What an amazing guy Kevin is, he worked hard to make sure things happened for us. He really knows his field and is incredibly professional and personable. We were so lucky to have met him and benefit from his negotiation skills, don’t think we could have done it without him. Highly recommended!!”
Sandy and Brad
“Kevin is AMAZING! What I liked the most about Kevin Markarian is that he really listened to me as a buyer. Never once did I experience the type of sales pressure other potential agents placed on me as their next commission source. He took the time to learn my buying preferences, lifestyle needs, and my own home shopping style. His extensive knowledge of San Francisco sub-markets helped me and wife zero in on the ideal neighborhood and get the biggest bang for our buck on the purchase. His advice and patience guided me to buying my ideal home including following up on the selling agent’s duties, calls to my lender for any necessary documents, setting up a smooth escrow process, and extensive negotiations with the bank involved in the short sale process. Kevin is the best agent anyone could ask for in the real estate market. We’ve recommended Kevin to two friends, who subsequently bought houses with him. They too had a great experience working with Kevin. Kevin is a pro, and I highly recommend him.Although this may not apply to your situation, Kevin is absolutely brilliant at the short sale process. These are not easy and Kevin is the best agent you could hope for in managing the process efficiently and successfully.”
Parman Snowden
“Kevin was/is the best. From start to finish he was there! He explained to me the whole process of selling my house and made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. In the end, he got me the best deal possible and made all people involved happy! They were hurdles and issues with selling my building, yet Kevin was able to smooth things out and make all parties understand the big picture. He is wise, experienced, and a real pleasure to deal with. Kevin allowed me to make a lot more money than expected, and I am so thankful.”
Eric Roussel
“Greg recently helped us sell a condo in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. He was very knowledgeable and business savvy–so much so that we ended up selling for over asking and with a very short closing period! Not only did Greg have all the tools needed to successfully market and sell our home, but he was a true friend. It was wonderful to work with someone so personable, accessible, and forthcoming. He cares a lot about his clients–so much so that he accompanied us to the title closing session for moral support (the title rep. said she’s not used to agents showing up at this final stage in the process). But, that’s the kind of person Greg is: kind, caring, and concerned with making the customer comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home in the SF area!”
Alexis C.
“I enlisted Kevin to help me find a home that was close to the City, but wasn’t very certain exactly where I should look. Shortly after I contacted him, Kevin found several promising properties in a variety of neighborhoods which accurately fit my housing criteria. He was extremely flexible in scheduling property tours and was willing to spend as much time as it took to locate my new home. Once our offer was selected, he kept me constantly apprised of the status of the sale. He arranged the inspections and paperwork signing to work around my hectic schedule. With his help, I was able to own an awesome home (with a view) in record time. Let this guy help you find your next home!”
Tod E.
“Rebecca assisted my husband and I purchase our first home in San Francisco. We were pretty discouraged house hunters until we met Rebecca, as today’s SF real estate market is not so friendly to buyers. Rebecca was the best – she’s a great combination of genuine friendliness and knowledge of the market. She quickly understood exactly what we were looking for, and made the search process easy.She was always available to answer my constant questions, from the searching process of our journey, through the actual purchase. I felt comforted that she was a text message away, and her answers were always honest and thoughtful.In short, Rebecca was a wonderful agent to work with, and we will purchase our next home with her.”
Julie K.
“Greg was the best choice for an emotional process during a real estate deal. He’s tenacious, hardworking and reliable. Greg practices patient, communication, sensitivity and overall knowledge of the process. He explains everything, communicates openly, and was always responsive to all questions. He provides valuable inside knowledge and educated us through his expertise. Working with him as been a joy as he provided accurate timeline and met all of the projected dates. He’s professional, he’s genuine and I highly recommend him!”
J. Z.
“After interviewing a few real estate agents in San Francisco, we found Kevin and were impressed by his incredible reviews, and later on, we realized the reason behind his exceptional reviews. Kevin’s service exceeded our expectations. He knew the market to the best, thoroughly assessed our situation and needs, had remarkable negotiation skills, returned our calls within a few minutes, and on top of all was truly patient and listened to our needs. He explained to us all we needed to know, but never ever tried to push us or make decisions for us. Kevin’s expertise let us find our dream house very quickly and we got into a contract within a month. Given the highly competitive market conditions in San Francisco and in Miraloma Park, My husband and I were almost certain that we would get out-bided on our house, but it was Kevin who encouraged us to put an offer, and used his negotiation expertise to help us move to our current house. Kevin made the process of home buying a lot easier for us and went through all the steps with us very professionally. We got the keys on Valentine’s day and he surprised my husband and I with a bottle of Champagne and a box of chocolates!Long story short, Kevin is a great agent with superb skills and expertise. We STRONGLY recommend him and undoubtedly, we would work with him in our next transactions.”

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