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San Francisco

San Francisco is frequently called “Everybody’s Favorite City,” a title earned by its picturesque excellence, social attractions, differing networks, and world-class food. Estimating 49 square miles, this very walk-capable city is dabbed with points of interest like the Golden Gate Bridge, link autos, Alcatraz and the biggest Chinatown in the United States.

East Bay

The East Bay is certifiably not a formally characterized locale, yet for the most part incorporates Alameda and Contra Costa areas. While there are slopes and parklands, a significant part of the East Bay is exceptionally urbanized.

San Mateo County

San Mateo is a larger medium-sized coastal city located in the state of California. With a population of 105,661 people and 26 constituent neighborhoods, San Mateo is the 70th largest community in California. San Mateo home prices are not only among the most expensive in California, but San Mateo real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America.

Central Valley

The Central Valley California, U.S.reaches out from Shasta area in the north to Kern province in the south, it covers around 18,000 square miles (47,000 square km) and parallels the Pacific drift for around 450 miles (725 km). Averaging around 40 miles (65 km) in width, it is completely encased by mountains, including the Klamath Mountains (north), Sierra Nevada (east), Tehachapi Mountains (south), and Pacific Coast Ranges (west).

Orange County

Referred to far and wide as “The OC,” Orange County, California wraps you in a definitive Southern California way of life… easygoing refinement, perfect shorelines, incredible amusement parks and unlimited choices for the sake of entertainment in the sun or social investigation. With sun-doused days and star-filled evenings, here you’ll be drenched in the genuine California dream.

Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is probably best known as the entertainment capital of the world. It is a cultural mecca consisting of everything from shopping to celebrity where you are unlikely to be lost for something to do. A playful nickname given to the city sometime in the ’70s is La, La, Land because of its reputation for fun, ignorant bliss, and for simply being just slightly “out of touch with reality.”

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