Meet Jaya

Orange County

When looking for a realtor, it is important to choose one who is up to date on the latest in the real estate market and passionate about what they do. Most of all, it is important to choose one who is kind-hearted and has the best interest of their clients in their mind. I am such an agent. With every client I represent, I perform a considerable amount of research, put in tremendous effort, and utilize my great network of contacts. I am detail-oriented and prompt in engaging with sellers and buyers. Real estate brings out a drive in me to serve others. I am an experienced real estate agent and I have worked in all areas of the real estate industry and am particularly gifted with negotiations and sales. In the past, I was a high school teacher and a software consultant. This background allows me to easily connect with potential buyers and sellers and network with others, engaging with them to help them find their perfect home or sell their home the way they want. My clients always leave home happy, with smiles on their faces, having put their trust in the right agent.