Meet Holly


Holly grew up in Los Altos, California and began working in real estate at the age 17. Coming from generations of Real Estate, Sales, Lending and Development, she is a natural in her profession. She has an impressive track record, having closed millions of dollars in real estate transactions. Holly is versatile and knowledgeable after so many years in the real estate and finance industries. She is equally qualified to represent sellers, buyers, lenders and investors in the commercial and housing markets.

When you hire Holly, you don't just get a person, you get a high-performance team. That's both because Holly is very diversified in her abilities, knowledge, expertise and how she leverages her network as well as her ability to lead a team of real estate professionals who all work seamlessly to get you the positive results you need in record time.From the first phone call, until you close, and well-beyond, Holly is always a master at matching the right home buyer with the right home seller ~ she always gets the best price for both parties in every real estate transaction. Let Holly Danell be your first choice when you want to get into your dream home or when your dream is to simply sell your existing commercial real estate or home!